Dedicated to bringing joy into the lives of young people

Noah's Gift is dedicated to bringing joy into the lives of young people, as Noah brought joy into the lives of so many.

The Fund's mission is to inspire and reward deserving young people with the gift of an extraordinary experience.

Noah's Gift Tributes

Please check back soon to see additional tributes to Noah Costa from his friends and family.

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Ethan Vaughn's "Angel Boy" Tribute to Noah Costa

More about Ethan's Band:

KillaKris239's "Yesterday Remix"

Tribute to Noah Costa

KillaKris239's "Feels Good"

Tribute to Noah Costa

"From the Soul" Performed by SB

Direction and Cinematography: Dillon Hearns

Produced by: Rex Rogers


R.I.P. N.S.C. by ShermBug